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What is MobilE.M.S.™ ?

MobilE.M.S.™ is an electronic Patient Care Reporting application for E.M.S.. Designed for laptops, tablets and workstation computers as well as for rugged Windows CE devices, MobilE.M.S.™ streamlines and simplifies the charting process using pre-populated dropdowns for a simple select-click what you need to document. MobilE.M.S.™ is 3:00 AM friendly™ and Eliminates paperwork and re-entry. Printing of the PCR can be done on any Printer that has InfraRed(IRDA), BlueTooth, or USB.

MobilE.M.S.™ MobilE.M.S.pdf (83kb)(Product Information Sheet) Please call for additional detail information and pricing.

MobilE.M.S.™ Features:

  • Form Based (Customization Available to meet individual needs)
  • Signature Capture for refusal or other internal uses
  • On-Site Printing
  • Report generation is accomplished by Crystal Reports
  • Wireless capable at any time
  • Rugged hardware which meets military specifications
  • Click here for a slideshow of MobilE.M.S.™ screen shots

MobilE.M.S.™ Options:

  • GPS and Mapping.
  • Document Management and Imaging to be announced
  • Customization is fee based

Return on Investment

Not only does MobilEMS™ save you time but it makes you Money. MobilEMS™ was created to eliminate the duplication of paperwork by the Firemen / Paramedics out in the field. To our surprise, Fire Chiefs are informing us how MobilEMS™ is generating increased revenue for their department’s. Departments are reducing the amount of bad debt they write off each year by using MobilEMS™ . Prior To using MobilEMS™ departments were writing off bad debt for 3 reasons
  1. The paramedic out in the field is not getting all the patient information needed to bill the patient.
  2. The paramedics hand writing is illegible, resulting in runs being billed at BLS rates with small success rates.
  3. It’s truly a non collectable.

By using MobilEMS™ - Billing Company personal can read the report and bill it at the proper rate, and with all the patient information provided. Fire Departments are collecting more.

One Department prior, to purchasing MobilEMS™ , was writing off 30,000 per year. With MobilEMS™ they reduced the bad debt to less than $12,000 per year, MobilEMS™ paid for itself in 18 months.

Not only does MobilEMS™ help you reduce your bad debt, but by using MobilEMS™ you can reduce the fees you are charged by the billing company.

A Department billing 2 Million a year – was able to get a reduction in fees from their billing company. The $37,000 MobilEMS™ system they purchased was paid for in less than 11 months by the $40,000 billing fee reduction they received.

MobilEMS™ financially makes sense to every Fire Department that is billing.

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